Insight from the President

5. July, 1, 2018. Systems, Engine room
A warm thank you to all as Bristol Insurance Group has enjoyed a great first half of 2018 writing more yachts, home/auto/umbrella, and commercial business than past years at this date. We very much appreciate our current clients that have asked us to quote their home, auto, and umbrella with high quality carriers such as Chubb, Pure, AIG Private Client, Safeco, Travelers, as well as others. If you weren’t aware that we can quote this business, please give us a call or email to start a conversation.
Boat Afloat Show
It seems I finally start getting back into my routine and Robin walks into my office and asks if we’ve signed up for the September boat show. This year’s Boats Afloat Show will be September 13th thru the 16th. For those looking for tickets you can contact us after August 30th, first come first serve (present customers only).
A New Homeowner insurance credit
A few of our insurance companies have started a discount of 3-8% for those who installed water leak detection devices. Give Courtney or Martha a call and they will find out if you qualify for the discount.
What to-do In The Event of a Boating Accident
No one wants to file an insurance claim, but accidents happen and when they do, they are never at a convenient time. Not only are you not able to use your boat, it is disturbing seeing your boat in that condition. If you have an accident, here are some initial steps you should take and how your insurance company will work to get you and your boat get back on the water as quickly as possible.
Once you have checked on all passengers and determined that they are okay, evaluate your damage. If there are conditions that could worsen if not protected, do what is necessary to prevent further damage.
Call your insurance agent to report the accident as quickly as possible. Having the following information handy will help speed up the process:
  • Policy number
  • Date, time and location
  • Description of what happened
  • Description of damages
  • Current location of your boat
  • Contact information for any witnesses
Once the claim is filed – it will be assigned to a claims representative. As all accidents are different, the claims representative will walk you through the claim process. Depending on what happened, it may be possible to handle the claim with an estimate and a few photographs. For a more complex claim, a marine surveyor or adjuster may be needed.
We know you want to get back on the water as quickly as you can, but it is important for your insurer to be able to inspect the damage before repairs are made. Repairs should not be made until authority or claim approval is provided by your insurance company.
After the information is collected, the claims representative will evaluate your claim and be in contact to review the findings. Throughout the process, it is important to have a good line of communication and understand the steps and information that are needed to resolve a claim quickly.
Hope this newsletter was informative. That’s all for now.
Until next month may the winds always be at your back.
Till my next newsletter.


Fred Kempe, President
Bristol Insurance Group