Insight from the President

A new year is off and with it the Great Seattle Boat Show at South Lake Union and Century Link Field. Please be sure to visit us on Lake Union at the Seattle Boat Show Jan 26 – Feb 3, 2018. Over 1000 boats to choose from plus the latest in gadgets and gear and enjoy one of many free seminars. E-tickets are on sale now at
Last week a friend of mine (Frank) made the comment that now people can buy insurance on the web so they don’t really need a local insurance agent. I gave him an example to prove him wrong.
A couple just moves in to the area and gets a quote on line for their new house. They complete all the questions they feel are pertinent and get a quote. Then to compare they contact a local agent. The local agent asks a few more questions such as if they have artwork or jewelry. He also knows the area and asks if they looked into flood insurance. This is very typical where if they had not gone to the local agent the couple would think they were fully covered until they had a loss and found out they were drastically underinsured.
When it comes to protecting your hard earned assets it is important that you talk with someone who understands your needs. Customer service is the hallmark of the agent-client relationship. A good agent can put together a comprehensive policy designed to fit the individual’s unique situation.
This is a great reminder of the importance of the human touch in a world that’s increasingly digital. There is no algorithm for compassion, trust and the personal attention we each should get. It is important to our whole crew that we maintain a partnership with our client. We work to get them the right policy, the right coverage, the right advice and the right insurance company. In a time when, for many, peace of mind is sometimes hard to come by, we hope the work we do helps our customers a little more and so they can reach a little higher.
So Frank, there will always be a need for human interaction in all areas that touch our human needs.


Till my next newsletter.


Fred Kempe, President
Bristol Insurance Group