Insight from the President

Every year about this time Kathryn & I go south for a health trip to get caught up on our vitamin D. At least that is what we tell everyone. For me its smoking cigars with Jerry drinking manhattans with Michael and G&Ts with Bill. I have to admit it’s being with our old friends and knowing that no matter how much I embarrass myself they don’t care. The sun is nice, but the friends are what we really go down there for. It also helps that liquor is cheap. So, we buy a few cases of our favorites which pays for the gas.
Opening Day was last weekend. It was Kathryn’s first opening day. Something has always come up in the past so we never made it. We attended the festivities the week before and meet some great people from Canada, then on Saturday the beginning ceremony, where I get to stand at parade rest for an hour. These old bones just aren’t what they used to be. But it’s all worth it with the crew races, the boat parade and time with our friends. UW crew easily won all the races including the main event against China’s international team. Then after the excitement of the race we sat back and watched the boat parade.

On a separate note: While going through my email this morning I ran into this: a video short on YouTube movie produced by General Motors on their 1956 version of a self-driving car. It lasts about 9 minutes and is obviously made in the 50’s. Be sure to wait for the ads. It is well worth it.

So, the summer warmth isn’t here yet but vacation time has started. I hope you all have a very pleasant and enjoyable summer.
Till my next newsletter.
Fred Kempe, President
Bristol Insurance Group