Insight from the President

Summer is finally here. It’s weeks like this that remind me why I put up with the wet & gray winters. Not that I’m complaining about our winters, they’re a lot nicer than Minnesota, where I grew up. The mild winters and summers of Western Washington, the snow topped mountains and the beauty of Puget Sound make living here the best in the world.
Things have slowed down here. Many of our clients have taken off for the San Juan Islands and British Columbia coastline. So we have some quiet down time and can get some of the chores we had set aside done. With our name change we have to make new print advertising, update the website content and the christening of our new office.
Christening?? Everyone in the boating community knows that changing the name of a ship will bring nothing but bad luck and incur the wrath of the gods that rule the sea. Therefore, in defference to those dieties and the marine side of our agency, the crew on this ship is christening the office with our new name. Yes, we are holding an official christening of the new name and everyone is invited. We plan on having beer, wine, eats and ,of course, champagne for the christening. So on Friday afternoon July 28th at 3:00 we are turning off the phones and celebrating the official transfer to our new name. Hopefully it will be a beautiful day so we can open up the doors and party on the dock. Please let us know if you’re coming so we have enough for everybody.
I’ve been speaking of the marine side of our crew. I also want you to know that we have over 20 regular property and casualty insurance companies. We write personal home, auto and umbrellas as well as commercial insurance such as apartments, office buildings, wholesale and retail business . So give us a call and put all your insurance under one roof. That way we can better meet the needs of your insurance portfolio and you can make one phone call for all your insurance needs. Give us a call for a quote and get our great service on all your insurance.
Have a very happy summer.
Fred Kempe, President
Bristol Insurance Group